I am proud to announce that FulGaz is joining the IRONMAN Group.

For some time now, we have been looking for a way to expand FulGaz but keep our focus firmly on those who matter to us most – the people who use FulGaz. Becoming part of the IRONMAN Group allows us to continue with business as usual, but with the backing of a household name behind the scenes.

This wasn’t an easy decision, but the modern indoor cycling market is very different from its somewhat amateur beginnings. Today, people expect everything to “just work” no matter what their choice of hardware and relying solely on user subscriptions has always left us lagging behind where we could, and wanted to be.

We looked at investment, but that would make us answer to investors before customers, which would have the potential to ruin the culture and customer loyalty we have built up over the past seven years.

The next obvious option was being acquired by a hardware manufacturer, but again, the focus is on something other than our users – it’s selling hardware. If you don’t have that brand of hardware, you’d start to wonder how long we’d support you.

By joining IRONMAN, we can keep the product you love as it is, but improve everything around it from expanded support to providing bigger and better events. It’s an exciting future, and I’m proud to have you be part of FulGaz’ journey so far.

FulGaz Founder