Training with FulGaz

Add your own workouts to ANY FulGaz ride!

FulGaz has a range of workouts and rides to suit all levels of rider, but if your coach (or you) are keen on a set workout, you can import .ZWO workout files straight into your FulGaz profile and overlay them on ANY FulGaz video!

These can be workout files you have created yourself, imported directly from a workout library or from TrainingPeaks or Today’s Plan, which you can connect under the settings cog in the app. 

These workouts will control your trainer via ERG Mode. Bernard your virtual training partner will also encourage you as you ride and tell you what power and cadence to ride to.

Key training features

Choose steady or Reactive mode

Your ride in FulGaz will speed up or slow down depending on your effort, even when in ERG mode. This is great for testing time trial pacing strategies.

Turn Laps on or off

Select a looped rides and turn laps on so you do repeated loops of the same FulGaz ride to complete your workout (please note, you need to choose rides from the loops category to make this feature work). 

Swap between ERG mode and SIM mode

Swap modes mid-workout! Great for doing a more free-form warm-up and cool down, or for setting yourself targets as opposed to having the trainer set the resistance for you.

Change FTP while you ride

This feature can be very useful if a training session is proving to be too hard or easy. Finding the workout too easy? Tap your FTP up a few watts to increase the effort level!

Using TrainingPeaks or Today’s Plan?

You can connect your TrainingPeaks and Today’s Plan account to FulGaz via the settings cog to perfectly sync the workouts your coach has given you. 

Download your free trial

Now available on a wide choice of platforms including Android, Apple TV, iPad, iPhone and Windows 10.

FulGaz is free to download and comes with a 14-day free trial that gives you access to all FulGaz features and content.