Hailing from Celje Slovenia, 53 year old. Igor Keržan is our very first Slovenian contributor. His rides are known for bright green forests and capturing stunning routes from a region that we can’t wait to visit. 

Tell us about this ride collection and why you chose these routes?

Slovenia is a country where you have a lot of opportunities for cycling, so I chose different tours. From the flat coastal tour to the slightly more difficult mountain tours. Those who do not yet know Slovenia will be surprised by the beauty. 

You can find all his routes, but searching Igor in FulGaz. 

What’s your favourite ride to do in the real world?

My favorite trip by bike is definitely the tour from Celje to Dubrovnik in Croatia, in the length of 800 kmback when it was part of the former republic of Yugoslavia.

Favourite FulGaz ride & why?

There are a lot of beautiful tours to Ful Gaz, but I am very attracted to Gran Canaria.


How did you start filming rides for FulGaz?

From the beginning, I shoot with a Gopro 9 camera on a road bike.

Favourite cycling memory?

Cycling tour of the former republic of Yugoslavia.

Dream bike or favourite bike?

Of course this is the Pinarello road bike.