Hailing from the South West of England, close to Bath, 50 year old John Bennett was keen to share his corner of the earth with the world via FulGaz after deciding that a few of his favourite rides were missing from the library.

John has a love of cycling and travelling and currently smashes the local KOMs on his Canyon Aeroad.

Here’s a little bit more about John. 

Tell us about this ride collection and why you chose these routes?

I love FulGaz but thought there were a few of my favourite rides missing from the collection. Being an arrogant so and so I thought that others might share my opinion and enjoy these rides drawn from a variety of scenic locations in England and Wales.

What’s your favourite ride to do in the real world?

The masochist in me has the fearsome Angliru in Spain as a must do before I die.

Favourite FulGaz ride and why?

I loved all the Mallorca rides for the unbeatable combination of sun, sand and sea.

How did you start filming rides for FulGaz?

Just love the idea of sharing my passion for some of the great rides I know.

Favourite cycling memory?

This summer, filming the UK’s longest continuous mountain pass.

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