Ride with your friends on any FulGaz route!

Fancy racing your mates up the Alpe d’Huez? Or meeting for a casual Beach Road mid-week ride? 

With FulGaz you can create your own private group rides and race on any route in our extensive library. It’s as simple as choosing a course, selecting a start time and inviting your friends to join you.

FulGaz allows you to organise your friends and experience the thrill of the chase right from the comfort of your home – there’s no more excuses now for missing the mid-week group ride. 

In FulGaz we don’t have drafting so there’s no sitting on and not pulling a turn. No shortcuts no powerups no excuses – it’s you against them.

In a group ride, you can keep tabs on your rivals using the leaderboard on the screen, it shows your elapsed time and the time difference to each rider on course compared to you. You’ll also see their position on the on-screen map and their watts per kilo, so you’ll know when they are attacking…


Course selection is key

If you’re a natural born climber, it’s easy to pick Mont Ventoux straight away, have a look around and explore FulGaz’s extensive library of rides to find something to suit everyone.

Keep it fun

The best part of riding together is that it’s better with friends. Keep it light-hearted and don’t race from the gun, no one wants to be dropped on the first climb.

Invite your friends or the world

FulGaz allows you to host a private group ride, so you can just have you or your cycling club riding together. If you’re keen to have a bigger ride, you can drop your invite code in the FulGaz Riders Facebook Group to boost your race numbers.

Set up a chat

Looking to take it to the next level? Why not set up a free Discord server, or chat with your friends via your preferred social channel, with FulGaz you’re in control.

Quick guide: how to set up a group ride

Setting up a group ride is super quick and easy, here’s how to get started in five steps. 

Download your free trial

Now available on a wide choice of platforms including Android, Apple TV, iPad, iPhone and Windows 10.

FulGaz is free to download and comes with a 14-day free trial that gives you access to all FulGaz features and content.