Quick start guide

Get riding with FulGaz

Download FulGaz and set up a free account

We offer new subscribers a 14-day free trial, no credit card required.

Downloading the trial gives you full access to FulGaz with no restrictions on content, or how often or how far you ride. If you’re returning to FulGaz for another go, send us a support ticket and we’ll hook you up with another free trial.

Connect your devices

When you open FulGaz and press Get Started, you’ll be greeted with a pairing screen. On this screen your smart bike/trainer/speed sensor will be picked up and listed. Select the devices you’d like to connect and click Let’s Ride.

Pro Tip If you can’t see your devices when trying to connect, they are most likely paired with another app (RGT, Rouvy, Zwift). You will need to deselect your trainer from that app’s pairing screen, quit that app, and restart FulGaz. VIEW GUIDE

Set your preferences, weight and slope scaling

Click the settings icon to take a moment to set your display preference (metric or imperial). For the most realistic experience, enter your weight and bike weight. There are many other settings here also; it’s best to get a feel for riding FulGaz first before adjusting these.

Pro Tip If you find the hills too hard, you can adjust the Slope Scaling, this is essentially the “trainer difficulty”. Adjusting this won’t make you faster, but it will make hills easier!

FulGaz for Android

Download a video and ride

You can stream rides in FulGaz, but we always suggest downloading them for the best experience possible. For your first few rides, choose something from the Easy collection. These rides will give you a good “feel” for how FulGaz looks and interacts with your trainer or smart bike.

Pictured right is Winsdor Great Park, a good choice to test your set up and get rolling with us.


Explore the world

Getting more adventurous? It’s time to start exploring new rides from all over the world. Along the top of the main screen, you will find a number of collections such as Hilly Rides, Loops and Races and Trails. 

Each ride shows the distance, elevation gain, and difficulty rating to give you an idea of what to expect. If you’re up for a challenge, check out Alpe d’Huez (right) to test the legs!

Pro Tip You can list all rides in a particular country by typing the country name into the search bar within the app.


View pricing

FulGaz offer two payment options to help you ride the world and become a better rider. Our most popular option, annual, lets you add a family member for free, so it’s a classic two-for-one deal.

If you need a bit more flexibility, we also have a monthly payment option available so you can cancel any time.