Training with FulGaz

At its very heart, FulGaz is a tool to help you to ride inside to improve your riding outside; cycling is the only sport in the world where you have to train every single day just to be ’okay’ at it, so at FulGaz, we believe in training smarter, not harder. 

We’ve worked with some of the world’s leading coaches to bring together a set of four awesome programs to help achieve your riding goals whilst balancing work, life, and riding.

All our training programs are free to access for subscribers and those on a trial. To get started simply select the training program from within the app.

12-week FTP program

This program is focussed on the fundamentals of riding, and helping you hit your goals in a way that fits around your life.

12-week climbing program

Keen to become a better climbing? Tackle the 12-week climbing program on FulGaz. 

Add your own workouts to FulGaz

FulGaz offers you greater flexibility with your training. Choose from our extensive workout library or add your own workouts to the app.

Using Today’s Plan or TrainingPeaks?

You can connect your TrainingPeaks and Today’s Plan account to FulGaz via the settings cog to perfectly sync the workouts your coach has given you. Alternatively, you can upload a .zwo file!

Download your free trial

Now available on a wide choice of platforms including Android, Apple TV, iPad, iPhone and Windows 10.

FulGaz is free to download and comes with a 14-day free trial that gives you access to all FulGaz features and content.