We are a community driven app and as such we value the time that the community takes to provide feedback on new features and functionality within the app and are currently accepting applications for our Beta testing program to help test our newest Avatar feature.

FulGaz is currently testing out our new “Avatar” feature on iOS and MacOS. If you have any of these devices and would like be to a beta tester, please complete the form below. Other platforms will be available in due course over the coming weeks.

Avatars will only be available on a very limited number of routes – less than 0.01% of the entire ride library – and only available for key high level event partners such as Haute Route. Even if there was the demand for it, avatars don’t fit on the narrow roads, trails and bike paths of our most popular content, so you’re never going to turn FulGaz on and discover it riddled with cartoon avatars because it’s not technically possible.

We’ll be in touch over the next few days with further information and how you can get involved with testing but in the meantime, please download Testflight here. 

To provide feedback so we can make improvements, please only send a support ticket here. 

Please do not post feedback on the beta versions on FulGaz riders or social media. 


  • Please ensure your iOS device is running at least iOS 14 or 15 and is no more than 5 years old. Older devices may struggle to run avatar features due to higher processing power demands.
  • FulGaz was build around the latest “Big Sur” MacOS version. If your MacBook is running an earlier operating system, you may encounter some issues. Updating to the latest MacOS is the best option in these cases.
  • The MacOS version is Bluetooth only, ANT+ is not supported at this time. We are in discussions with Garmin about how to best provide this functionality in the future.