Hailing from Idaho, Darin Lindig (54) grew up as a swimmer but has been riding the road for the last 10 years.  

Darin is a strong advocate for people with disabilities fuelled by his daughter’s rare genetic syndrome.

The routes Darin has submitted are some of the more premier rides near Boise, Idaho. They include desert canyon lands, high desert sagebrush, and mountain forests.

Darin decided to become a contributor for FulGaz when noticed there were limited rides from Northwest, USA and was keen to share some of the great rides around Idaho, with the world. 

Here’s a little bit more about Darin. 

What’s your favourite ride to do in the real world?

My favourite real-world local ride might be the Climb out of Lowman. Something about the smooth climb and windy road scene changes that feels great. The Colorado National Monument ride could be my favourite real-world ride.

Favourite FulGaz ride & why?

My favourite FulGaz ride has to be Adigrat to Kisadaleka, Ethiopia. So many people on foot — no personal cars, just taxis, buses, and motorbikes.  I love the way FulGaz allows a way to virtually explore the land and people as we travel through their cities and backyards of areas I will never get a chance to see in person. Humanising and educating all the while — as uniquely as bike travel can do — and I thought I was just getting a workout in my basement. 🙂

Why do you ride inside?

Two years ago I was hit by a car nearly head-on while out on a local training ride.  Knocked unconscious for a good eight minutes, eleven broken bones, and a TBI (Traumatic brain injury).  I am thankfully physically fully recovered and my brain is getting close. 

FulGaz has allowed me to fully replace my road training rides and to lessen my risk from the road. I still go out on the road but only to enjoy my favourite rides — no more garbage miles on the road just for the sake of a workout. Plus I fully admit I enjoy the Alps more than the local highways.


View Darin's ride collection

You can view all of Darin’s rides in the app by searching “Darin” or hit the link below to see his collection from Idaho!