Events on FulGaz

Bring your event to life on FulGaz

FulGaz is one of the world’s premier cycling apps.

Using 4K video, FulGaz can recreate your event indoors to a level of realism and engagement that is not available elsewhere. FulGaz Events has been born from the challenges faced by event organisers globally in 2020.

With a proven end to end event management platform, we provide everything from custom designed rides and training programs, entry management, event websites and marketing support.

Tell us how much or how little you need and we handle the rest!

Dedicated event channel

When hosting your event with FulGaz, we offer you a dedicated event channel to house your rides and make it easy for your event participants to get riding. 

Bring the world together

When running a live event in FulGaz, event participants can view a virtual leaderboard and their position relevant to the riders ahead and behind within the ride.

Start your event at your nominated time, just like you would normally and watch as the peloton rolls out from the start line!

Follow the ride

To support our live events, riders and commentary teams alike, can access our real time leaderboards and dot tracking platform during each stage.

iFrames can be supplied to event organisers to embed these within your own website.

Add real value to sponsors - indoors

When we looked at ways to deliver value for sponsors indoors we wanted to find a way that showed off brands at the points in a ride when people are most engaged, but in a way that added to the the rider’s experience instead of getting in the way.

We were going to call this virtual signage, but when we started working with people who produce Hollywood level special effects, the lines between what is and isn’t real become incredibly hard to find.

The result of all this work is FulGaz event signage, an affordable way to add value to sponsors that can continue for thousands of rides well after an event has finished.

Let’s face it, going over the top of the Muur is much more fun if it looks like the offical KOM, not the Sunday school run.

Our Guarantee

We will provide a world-class virtual alternative (or complement) to your event to make your event GLOBAL, to increase reach, participation and revenue for your company. 

Our platform also offers a way to keep existing riders fully engaged with your events year round whilst keeping your sponsors, stakeholders and event partners happy.

Get in touch today to find out how we can help you.