Ever wondered how all those rides like this one make it into FulGaz? The videos our contributors film are turned into virtual rides by our ride engineers.
As the FulGaz library continues to expand, and as we add increasing numbers of IRONMAN courses, we need to significantly expand our ride engineering team.

Ride engineering falls into two sets of skills, GPS data processing, using our own tools, and basic video editing. We’re looking for people who can learn either of these sets of skills or just have video editing experience.

You need to ride a bike

Ideally, you use FulGaz, but you need to know what bike riding looks like and feels like

You have excellent attention to detail
You’ll be working as part of a remote team, so you need to understand the importance of things like sticking to naming conventions and following checklists. 
You’ve got good computer skills
You need to confidently know your way around a Mac or a PC
You love learning new things
This is a job that’s unique to this business, and there are a lot of moving parts and processes to learn. 
You’ll be working from home, but you’re part of a global team. In order to communicate with the USA, Europe, and Australia within regular working hours, you need to be situated in the USA, either in Pacific or Mountain Time.
If you’re interested in working on the videos, you’ll need an excellent internet connection – There are a lot of big files to deal with.
There are full-time options or 20 to 30 hours per week part-time. 
Full training will be given. Get ready to learn a lot of interesting new skills!