Coaching in FulGaz

 Founded by a former elite coach and sports scientist, FulGaz has built a reputation of being the closest thing possible to riding outdoors. This has been proven at the highest level, with FulGaz being used to help win multiple national and World Time Trial Championships.

Today, FulGaz works closely with some of the world’s top Olympic, Paralympic, and WorldTour coaches and athletes.

We’re redefining indoor cycling for coaches, with a range of new features to help coaches and their athletes achieve their goals on the bike – choose from features including PowerMatch, live telemetry, group training sessions, and pacing strategies to help you achieve your goals year-round.  

To access these coaching features, enter the promo code coach into the promo field under the settings cog in FulGaz.

Transform your coaching business

FulGaz makes it easy to transform your coaching business and help your athletes achieve their goals.

We’ve added a heap of new coaching specific features to make sure that your coaching business doesn’t stop. 

Hear from FulGaz founder, Mike Clucas below on the new features we’ve added to the latest version of FulGaz.

Private group training

Instantly set up private group rides to bring your athletes together year-round. Using a once-only invite code, athletes automatically see the rides you create on any FulGaz route.

There are a thousand rides to choose from, so you’ll always be able to pick the best terrain for your needs or help athletes learn iconic race routes. Turn group rides into performance tests or races by accessing our online leaderboards. 

Virtual Training Partner

Using Bernard, our easy to configure training partner is the perfect way to improve your athlete’s pacing or push them to the next level.

He can either simply ride at a set FTP value or be configured to ride at different power outputs based on the terrain. You can even configure his weight and CDA. 

Pacing Strategies

FulGaz allows you to create pacing strategies that work with FulGaz rides. This could be anything from Kona Ironman to a local climb.

You can either create these strategies yourself, or use Best Bike Split.

Either way, they are easily added to FulGaz and they will match the ride video and data exactly. 


Live telemetry

With the coach version of FulGaz, you can monitor individual athlete’s power and cadence live whilst they train. You can also do this in a group ride setting if you’re training a few riders at once. 

Sync TrainingPeaks/Today’s Plan

With full TrainingPeaks and Today’s Plan integration, your athletes can sync your workouts with FulGaz in a couple of clicks to use with any ride.

Choose from ERG mode or SIM mode for more advanced sessions including TT pacing.

Either create a generic session, or create a workout tailored to a race course or training route.


Seperate power from trainer (Power match)

This allows riders to control resistance via their bike’s power meter rather than the smart trainer. Allowing riders who use a power meter outdoors to more consistently measure power while they train indoors.

We even have left/right power balance for compatible power meters. 



We offer both monthly and annual subscriptions to FulGaz to suit how you ride.

If you take out an annual subscription, you can add a family member for free!