12-Week FTP Program

Smash your riding goals with FulGaz
At FulGaz we LOVE to ride our bikes inside and out but unfortunately we don’t have countless hours to spend outside on the road getting fit, sharp and honed for summer, so that’s why we have a selection of training programs on FulGaz. 

We currently have two levels of programs available to help you build your FTP, depending on how much time you have spare to ride your bike.  

The programs are built based on the lives of real people who balance family, jobs, kids, and cycling so with this in mind we’ve made them accessible for everyone.

The key difference between the “Beginner” and “Keen” programs is the sessions are shorter in the beginner version of the program. They range from 40 minutes to 55 minutes max, meaning you train inside whilst balancing life’s other commitments.

More details on how to start the program and get the best out of it can be found via the links below, these are accompanying documents that you can download or save so you can follow along and map out our sessions for the next 12-weeks.

FTP program – beginner level

If you’re pressed for time, but still want to make gains in only 5-7 hours per week, download the beginner 12-week FTP program.

FTP program – advanced level

If you’re targetting a gran fondo, or looking to challenge yourself, the keen program requires 10-13 hours of commitment per week.

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